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KBC Consulting provides professional development training, presentations and coaching for organizations. The goal for every project is to help participants improve productivity and reduce workplace conflict by increasing their self-awareness, self-management and relationship management. Kira Copperman, the president of KBC Consulting, combines her background in social work, corporate management and human resources to effectively help her clients make positive changes for better performance.

Kira Copperman is a dynamic, entertaining trainer and speaker and has been a featured presenter at local and national conferences on topics related to corporate management and healthcare.

Kira Copperman is a consultant with the award-winning national training company, Learning Dynamics.

Learning Dynamics

Learning Dynamics has been a leader in the field of training for 28 years and their high quality programs have been proven to show lasting results.

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Medtech for Solutions (
Timothy Redmond Associates (
Ayers Group
Loeb Consulting Group
Inspire Human Resources
Executive Essentials